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Residential Renovations

The Blackwell Construction team loves to work with clients, building their vision, especially when it comes to updating older homes to reflect modern layouts and design. In today's tough housing market, a lot of people are buying properties that require renovations in order to bring their home up to their taste and vision. That's where we come in: to work hand in hand with the customer to bring those plans to life. With our core values of transparency and integrity, we strive to keep our customers happy and informed throughout the entire process. You will always know where every dollar you spend is going. 

Commercial Building Facade Construction

The facade and exterior of a building speaks directly to what a business is about; this is your customer's first impression and it should be spectacular! We are able to tackle all types of exterior including: siding, tile, patios, and pergolas- you name it, we will build it! The perfect exterior facade will give your building the eye catching design that will attract customers to your space. 

Leasehold Improvements

The interior space of any business requires exact planning and execution along with a cooperative effort between contractor and customer. Blackwell construction excels in this process and has years of experiences in restaurant construction, which can be some of the most complex of leasehold improvements. We can help minimize costly planning mistakes before the project starts via staying closely connected with the customer to ensure everyone is on the same page before we break ground. During this design phase we can help minimize unforeseen hurdles and provide history on what possible issue could arise so the client has the best ability to maintain budget and timeline during construction. 

Commercial Kitchen Construction/Renovation

The design and function of a commercial kitchen can be the key to a successful and thriving restaurant business. Blackwell Construction has very specialized experience in the construction of complex commercial kitchens, from the ground up. Understanding and coordinating all of the trades involved in a commercial kitchen is where we shine. Did you know that the first thing you should do is order your kitchen equipment? (Commercial equipment can take weeks to arrive!) This requires expertise in calculating space and design - let us make this process as smooth as possible for you and your business. With construction and/or renovation of over 20 commercial kitchens in the past 6 years alone, we are ready to take on any kitchen to suit our clients' needs. 

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